"Torre" Apartment
Independence and comfort for 4 people

The architecture of this building, its stone walls, thick and tilted with the typical buttress shape, immediately identifies him as a medieval tower (probably Lombard).
There are no doubts about the choice of location for this tower: Look out the window of the bedroom in first floor and you can enjoy the views across the valley, 180 degrees.

From the plain with the lake on your right you can go back with eyes over the River Singerna embracing the big part of the Caprese's area. Which better place to control the territory?
The apartment includes 2 bedrooms, each with adjoining bathroom, equipped kitchen in a separate room, living area with antique fireplace, sofa and TV.

Services and Confort "Torre" apartment

Choice single or matrimonial bed


Equipped kitchen

Free Wi-Fi

Independent entry


Own bathroom

Laundry room and bath in endowment

Heating to floor

Thermostat for regulation temperature

Deprived outdoor area

Own parking spot.

Prices apartment and rooms Torre *

Daily apartment
(breakfast not included)
170,00 € 146,00 €
Weekly apartment
(breakfast not included)
860,00 € 720,00 €
Only bedroom
(breakfast not included - 2 peolple)
85,00 € 73,00 €
* Conditions of booking and details rates apartment

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Appartamento La Torre in affitto in Toscana