Restaurant in Caprese Michelangelo
taste and tradition typical Tuscany

The Restaurant of our Country House is the flagship of our farmhouse with its offer of the most typical dishes of Tuscany.

Old family recipes handed down from generations alternate with free interpretations and creations of more modern taste. In any case, what does not change is the attention to quality, freshness and seasonality of raw materials.

Whomever would like to go around, making excursions without loosing time in cooking or looking for a restaurant, we can prepare pratical luncheon-baskets with cold dishes and beverages.
Considering that the restaurant management is domestic (as the whole farmhouse) we need to be informed sometime before (better a day).

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Menu and theme dinners

The queen of our dinner is definitely the meat of our Cinta Senese pigs, bred by us in the farm.

For those not familiar with the Cinta Senese, it is an ancient breed of pigs typically Tuscany since the Middle Ages depicted in paintings and other representations. It is recognizable by the typical black cloak and the white "belt".
In our Farmhouse at Caprese Michelangelo we breed pigs in the wild state, in large wooded areas. The moving around and the nutrition with our own cereals help to make a healthy and delicious meat.

In our restaurant you can enjoy their fresh meats roasted or grilled, or taste the cold cuts we prepare in our small workshop, without chemical additives.

Is a short and complete chain of production: pigs are raised in our woods, eating our organic cereals, and their meat are processed by us in our small workshop or cooked fresh in the restaurant. This allows us to check the highest quality in each step and process that lead us to a tasty and healthy final product.

Typical dishes

In addition to the Cinta you will find other excellent meats, as the Chianina (a local, famous, ancient and tasteful cow's breed) and the lamb breed of Suffolk, all from local farms, and rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks (the "nana" in dialect!).

All from outdoor breedings.

And Porcini mushrooms, truffles, homemade pasta, traditional or innovative combinations, game, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from our garden, mixed boiled meat with sauces which are the protagonists of winter, the old recipes handed down through generations in our family of "good things" fans: this and more is part of our evening menu.

During the year we also prepare seasonal calendars with single theme nights dedicated to further a particular "subject" culinary, the argument once may be a raw material, once a technique of cooking, once one dish into disuse, once a new combination to try, everything to delight the palate in pleasant banquet.

Crostini tipici toscani
Bar tipico toscano situato nelle colline della Valtiberina
Cantina e vini Terra di Michelangelo
Quadro vino Terra di Michelangelo ristorante toscano


Sitting at the bar made of chestnut wood with our historical barrels (casks in which we prepared vinsanto home), the comfortable interior decorated with old wood and objects of the past, you can order coffee, cappuccinos and teas, enjoy cocktails and soft drinks, fresh beverages, or sit after meals to drink some selected liquor.
If you will find closed don't worry! we live upstairs the restaurant: call us!


n our restaurant we have also a well assorted Wine Cellar.
Here you have at disposal different tipologies of tuscan wines. From the daily wine to the special one, all directly selected from us and with the right relation quality/price.

Our little valley doesn't have an important wine-making tradition, but yet thanks to our position as a crossroads between Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Marches you can find here some of the most interesting wines of central Italy.

Chianti from Arezzo, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Montefalco, Verdicchio, Trebbiano, Cortona DOC, Sangiovese di Romagna and Tuscany, it's hard to mention all them, because the selection varies with the different vintages and availability. Changing the wine list we can always try new types and producers, and experiment new pairings with the dishes in our restaurant.