The "Cinta Senese"
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Our Cinta pigs are kept in our untouched, large forests where they can grow at a natural pace. They eat berries and other acorns, and are also fed with the organic cereals we produce.

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Our breeding of Cinta Senese pigs

The "Cinta senese" is a very ancient Tuscan breed of pig.

"Cinta" means "belt", they are black porks with a white belt on shoulders and forelegs (but don't confuse them with Hampshire or Saddleback!).

It has been raised in Tuscany for centuries: many frescos, sculptures and paintings, even dating back to the Middle Age and Renaissance, show how this breed used to be well-known and appreciated.

After running the risk of extinction, this pig variety is now bred again.

Normal pigs are usually bred intensively and unhealthily; still, some breeders opted for the Cinta breed to preserve the possibility of enjoying its tasty meat.

The short chain "SOLO SALE E PEPE"

We have created the special brand "SOLO SALE E PEPE" (literally means "Just Salt and Pepper") which only deals with our farm's porks, pure Cinta Senese pig breed or the "Grigi" ("Grey") pigs, crosses between Large White's sow and Cinta's male.

Our products are the result of combining traditional hand-crafted methods with modern technologies, without using preservatives or chemical additives which could modify its natural flavour.
All production phases, from the breeding up to sausage manufacturing, are carefully monitored by us in a "short chain" all internal the farm.

With great passion we take care of all stages bringing the Cinta from the woodlands to the tables in the form of tasty charcuterie such as ham, "salami", sausages, cheek and delicious spiced lard.
Furthermore you will can find the fresh meat of our pigs roasted or grilled in our restaurant, and try its excellent quality.

We prepare our SOLO SALE E PEPE "salumi" with all the love and care.

Everything is done inside the farm (short chain): the pigs born and grow in our woods and openspaces, and we transform the meat in our own lab, preparing the cold cuts in the traditional way, without any chemical support (SOLO SALE E PEPE means ONLY PEPPER AND SALT).
We have only pigs belonging the ancient Tuscan race "Cinta Senese", or crosses between Large White sow and Cinta Senese's male.

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